American Collectors Insurance is an insurance company that focuses on Collectors. That’s why we offer Collector Car insurance policy designed around the vehicle Collector’s lifestyle, providing broader protection while enabling flexible usage. You can focus on driving when you want, while leaving it to us to protect your passion.

  • Flexible mileage to go beyond the occasional pleasure ride or car shows
  • Discounts for collector car club members
  • Discounts for high-value vehicles, and larger collections
  • Tailored coverage backed by an Agreed Value policy
  • Knowledgeable collector specialists that share your passion

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Collector Car Insurance Policy Features

Enjoy your ride and have peace of mind with broader coverage to protect your collector vehicle.

Have peace of mind from knowing how much you will receive after a covered “total loss” claim. Agreed Value coverage means that, in the event of a covered accident which is determined to be a total loss, policyholders are paid the fully agreed-upon car’s value when the classic auto insurance policy was written (less applicable deductible), without any deduction for depreciation.
Why pay for miles you don’t need? Tiered mileage plans give you flexibility to customize your classic car insurance policy to match how much you actually drive your collector.
We offer discounts for high-value vehicles ($250,000+), multi-vehicle policies, mature drivers, garage security and added safety features.
Our affordable C.A.R.E. plans provide peace of mind when you drive your classic vehicle by covering roadside assistance, towing, and other incidental expenses.
We’ll protect your Collector car throughout the duration of the restoration.
Inflation Guard coverage is included at no charge on your policy to help minimize the impact of inflation on your policy coverage. In the event of a covered total loss to your Collector Car, Inflation Guard adjusts the Agreed Value of the vehicle up to 6% max.
At no additional cost, American Collectors Insurance policyholders are covered for up to $500 for loss or damages to classic “spare parts”.
Policies are available to suit your unique needs, including a variety of deductibles options from zero to 20% or multiple liability limits to match what you have on your regular family autos.
We offer automatic coverage for up to 30 days for qualifying collectible vehicles purchased during the policy term (up to $100,000).
Discounts are available to collectors with multiple qualifying vehicles, including hot rods, muscle cars and more.

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Why Choose American Collectors Insurance?

At American Collectors Insurance, we have over 40 years of experience providing auto insurance to car collectors across the country. We keep the underwriting process simple with fast quotes and a variety of coverage options to meet your needs.

Our policies are flexible while regular car insurance companies offer standardized policies with mileage limits that don’t allow you to enjoy your antique car. In the event of a total loss, our policies cover agreed value instead of actual cash value that is provided by regular auto insurance carriers.

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How American Collectors Insurance Underwrites Collector Car Insurance Policies

At American Collectors Insurance, we streamline the process for getting classic car insurance. These are the basic steps that go into our underwriting process:

  • Risk assessment: American Collectors Insurance representatives review application information to evaluate the risk involved in the insurance policy.
  • Determine auto policy coverage: We’ll set your policy limit, assess the requested application details, and underwrite the eligibility for the coverages requested on the application.
  • Approval: You’ll get a quick decision from us, indicating whether you’ve been approved for collector car insurance.

Collector Car Insurance FAQs

If you have questions about our collector car insurance policies, call 1-888-803-3913 , Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST & Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. You can also email us at

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