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As of March of 1957, Porsche offered two GS versions of the 356 Carrera, both with Ernst Fuhrmann's ingenious and potent four-cam engines that brought over 1,000 victories in international competitions and in Gran Turismo championships throughout the U.S. and Europe. The GS/GT models were purpose-built competition cars offered in Coupe and Speedster bodies with an emphasis on light weight through stripping away any extraneous components which did not directly benefit the car's performance. The body was devoid of any sound deadening or undercoating and featured “rolled edges”, simple door panels were fitted, the heater was omitted, lightened bumper brackets were fitted, a Nardi aluminum steering wheel with wood rim and lighter weight aluminum components took the place of steel components. An extended range 80-liter GT fuel tank was fitted at the front with a central filler cap, The front braking system from the mighty 550RS featured 60mm front brakes with 10mm thicker brake linings and ducts for cooling, and modified rear torsion bars to provide one degree of negative camber. In GT trim, the 547/1 four-cam engine offered 110bhp at 6,400 rpms- 10% more power than the GS De Luxe models and roughly 50% more power than its pushrod engine counterparts of the same displacement.

In late 1958, the T2 body was released and the GT models received improvements over the previous year's model- aluminum doors, hood, and engine hood further reduced weight and five louvers in the engine hood to improve cooling. Aluminum was incorporated into the seat frames and trim, and two-piece wheels with an alloy insert specific to the GT models. Additionally, a larger ZF steering box, stronger front spindles, and an improved transmission rounded out the refinements over the previous year for the 1958 model year GTs. A total of just 151 Carrera Speedsters were produced from 1955 to 1959- of those Carrera GT Speedsters accounted for 30 in 1957, 27 in 1958, and 31 in 1959.

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