1962 Cadillac

Fleetwood 60 Series Special $32,500

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For consignment, a restored and owned previously by a restoration company in NJ, (Hiberion Auto Restoration/Bob Turnquist), who restored the car then sold it to a previous owner, and now in the hands of our consignor.  All the main power windows work, (although the vent windows are a bit lazy and need some oomph applied!).  Two tone glorious paint, and fins that are beginning their decline, this long and luxurious land yacht is a head turner to say the least.  Back in an era where status was measured by the inch, and gas was like pumping water, it speaks of excess, although tastefully.

Dual dual headlights flank either side of an egg crate grille, and are mounted in deep chromed bezels.  These and the grille float above a large shiny bumper with turn signal lights embedded into each corner, and wrapping around the front quarters.  On the wide hood is a chromed V and just above a Caddy badge all in chrome.  Straight steel panels are bathed in Maize, (pale yellow), which shows a few repairs and some touch ups.  Gaps are well minded for large panels, and a black painted hardtop is shading the passengers.  Not 1 but 2 trim spears adorn the sides of this luxury vehicle, and 4 doors hide under the black roofline with vent windows on each corner.  The back of the car is this writer's favorite Caddy design with just a hint of finnage that houses vertical tail lighting as the fins can't inward to the rear chroming.  Here backup lighting and a round reflector are embedded in chromed squared off ovals, which flank either side of a ribbed trunk roll pan.  A thin shiny bumper is attached below and also runs the width of the car on the bottom.  One look at these rear quarter tops with their tail lights and you will know exactly which Caddy this one is, hence why I like it so much!  Wheel coverings are turbine style blades emanating from a central hub with the Caddy badge and some yellow paint has been added to the negative space between the turbine blades.  These blades cosy up to a deep dish shiny edge trim ring and are all wrapped with whitewall tires.  Maybe I'll run into you at the 19th hole and we can have a drink?

Large doors swing smooth like safe doors and have white leather uppers with a large framed in chrome wood burl panel.  This serves as the door pull.  A litany of toggles in the armrest operate the glass, and a joystick moves the exterior mirror.  Inside nicely preserved bench seating using smooth Fawn leather bolsters and just inside their piped edges is broadcloth in lighter Fawn, complete with more buttons than an old shoe.  In front is a standard GM dash design with horizontal speedo in the center of the driver's view, and some round deep inset gauges and a clock on either side.  Other controls are in a horizontal bar below the speedo.  On top of the padded dash is a headlight sentinel which detects oncoming cars and dims the high beams automatically because after all pushing that metal mystery, (to any but boomers), button on the floor is so pedestrian.  A sleek caddy steering wheel in two tones is fronting the dash and I see AC venting all about this cabin.  Warm gray carpeting covers the floors and is in good condition. Also above is a warm gray broad cloth headliner with tight panels. Take me to your leader…or at least pout to dinner!

Under that big hood in a completely restored and shiny and clean engine bay, sits a factory numbers matching 390ci V8.  There is a single 4 barrel carburetor atop, and a HydraMatic 4-speed automatic on back.  A 2.94 gas saving, (like you care you own a Caddy!), rear axle.  All looking great under this bonnet.

No surface rust here, just a nice heavy coating of rustproofing, and no signs of any road dirt even within reach of my eyes as I peruse this undercarriage.  While looking I can also catch independent coil springs up front, and 3 link with coil springs for the back, providing the smooth riding.  Power drum braking and a clean rust free stock exhaust is on.

Sometimes I tell people I have the best job in the world.  I get to drive this stuff!  And this one did not disappoint as it fired right up, ran smoothy and silently, shifted without even a glitch, and came to a fine stop in the panic mode.  As noted the front and rear vent windows were less than slow, they did not function at all, and I couldn't get the high beams to stay lit.

Plenty of WOW factor in this restored beauty.  Wonderfully tasteful design, iconically Cadillac, and full of luxury and conveniences.  Turn the key and drive off and forget about the other half lives, as when inside this beast you are on the OTHER half of the other half, go it?


M-Fleetwood 60 Series Special
131078-Sequential Unit Number


05E-5th Week May Build
STYLE 62 6039-1962 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Series Special Sedan
BODY FW12028-Fleetwood Body #
TRIM 65-Fawn Cameo Cloth, Fawn Leather
PAINT 45 10-Maize, Ebony Black
E-Soft Ray Glass
K-Air Conditioning
Y-6 Way Power Seat

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Sub Model
60 Series Special


Engine Size
390 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic


Body Color
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Leather & Cloth
Shifter Type

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