1976 Triumph

TR6 Roadster SOLD



Born in jolly old England and now gracing the East mallway of our Hallowed Halls we offer for consignment a Triumph TR6 right out of the 1976 model year.  A boxy design, tall tires, long bonnet, short square boot, rectangular rear lighting, leather seats, a veneer wood dash, Lucas electrics, Stromberg carburetors and a zippy 6-cylinder engine, all go into making the TR6 a true British Sportscar.  In need of some TLC but still a good driver, isn't it time you went topless with some British fun?

Mostly straight rust-free steel panels with acceptable gaps are drenched in teal blue, which is presenting in need of TLC with inclusions, chipping, cracking, bubbling and evidence of body filler.  The bumpers have their federally mandated crash absorbers, which look much better than most of what Detroit was doling out to stay legal.  Badging is correct and on the rear of the car is the quintessential chrome luggage rack but we note the truck lock has been removed, but is included with the purchase.  The convertible top, in black, presents with tearing, wear, and soiling and the plastic rear window is beginning to show the first signs of hazing and has a sizable tear on the left rear corner window.  The center hubcaps and trim rings adorn the drilled steel wheels on all 4 corners and are covered with deeply treaded red line tires. 

A wood dash with slight veneer damage stretches across the inside of the car and is topped by padded black vinyl.  Essential instrumentation is seen in front of the original steering wheel, and are of course Smiths brand, which was a staple of 1970's Triumphs.  Black vinyl buckets, with just the right amount of age wear float in a sea of low pile black carpeting and an adequately sized storage area is behind these seats.  More black vinyl for the door panels covering the doors and are looking just fine with their chrome handles and obligatory map pockets.    

A lift of the long bonnet reveals a 152ci 6-cylinder in inline form.  It is topped with a pair of Stromberg CD-SEVX carburetors and their accompanying air cleaners.  On the back of the mill is a 4-speed manual transmission and putting the power to the ground is a rear axle weighing in with a 3.80 ratio.  A light patina covers the engine and the bay along with minor corrosion on a few of the brackets and unpainted components.

The frame and underbody are solid but do present with an overall surface rusted appearance.  The inner rockers are heavily rusted and will need repair/replacement sooner rather than later.   A dual exhaust system is present and snakes its way rearward, ending with a stock style muffler.  Power front disc and rear drum brakes provide the stopping power.  The front suspension is independent, coil springs, unequal-length A-arms, telescopic shock absorbers, (plus an anti-roll bar for TR6), and the rear consists of independent coil spring setup with semi-trailing arms

A test drive in this Triumph was a blast from the past as this writer owned this very same car.  This TR6 runs smoothly, although had to be choked just a bit for smooth idle until the engine warmed up.  The transmission shifted up and down smoothly and the braking was adequate.  Always a snappy handling car, it brought back good memories.  Some wind in your hair, and the throaty exhaust sound goes a long way to calm the soul but not without its faults and flaws.  We noted the brake lights occasionally stay on after the pedal is released, the horn only toots intermittently, the headlights wouldn't illuminate and the fuel gauge does not work.

A driveable project with eye-catching teal paint, a clean interior with the option of some wind in your hair, and a 6 popper with dual Strombergs you are tooling in British style from 1976, courtesy of Michelotti design.  All that's left to say is cracking good show aye what?

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Sub Model


Engine Size
2.5L I6
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Teal Blue
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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