1922 Chevrolet

490 Touring Sedan $12,995

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This 1922 Chevrolet 490 Touring Sedan represents one of the very early models from Chevy that helped set the trend of making sure cars were more than just appliances. And because this is such a significant and rarely-seen car, it's nice to have it so authentically presented inside and out.

Because this one represents the dawn of American motoring, we love the matte black paint. It's not just because it's clean and complete, but it also helps tell the story of the era. After all, Henry Ford famously only sold you a Model T for many years only in black because it dried the fastest. But Chevrolet showed the way for style to be added into cars with the sleeker body and more colors. So a black car with red wheels seems to straddle this line of function and flair nicely. And when you're telling the history, be sure to remind people of the kind of revolution the 490 Model started. Like the Model T, it was still a car for the people, but there was an eye for a sleeker design you can see in the way the grille, hood, and cowl all flow so nicely together. And this car wears its history well. You have nice details with a clean windshield, classic badging, brass radiator temperature cap, and a well-fitting top. Plus, the metal body has a good fit while still also showing the right aging you'd want on a car that's just passed the century mark.

The interior continues this correct feeling. So you have what would be considered a basic layout today, but when you dig a little deeper, you'll love the details. Saddle bag pockets in the door panels, a dual rear window in the folding top, and two rows of seats with plenty of comfy wraparound padding. The thick wood of the steering wheel, column-mounted control, and mechanical action of the floor shifter are all part of this car's charm. So you feel like the part of a century-old club after you quickly get the hang of it.

This vintage Chevy is powered by a 171 cubic-inch inline-four. It has such an authentic look and feel that we bet you'll love letting others see the exposed pushrods and rocker arms that work the valves at the top of the head. These early Chevrolets not only had style, but they also were hardy. And you feel that in the way this one continues to be a strong runner. The three-speed manual transmission even has a new clutch. So while we doubt you'll be doing road trips in this Chevy, this century-old classic can certainly make its way to the local events that love true early automotive Americana.

This Chevrolet 490 is not just looking for a new owner...It's looking for someone to carry on its legacy. Are you ready to be a part of history? Call today!!!

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Sub Model
Touring Sedan


Engine Size
171 CI Inline 4
Fuel Specification
Engine Type
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual


Body Color
Flat Black
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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