1958 Cadillac

Eldorado Brougham $95,000

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A four-door sedan that cost more than a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce ($13,974, or $125,704 in today's dollars), the '58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham defined postwar opulence and Cadillac luxury and style — it just might be the finest Caddy ever built. It's also one of the rarest — only 740 "Eldo Bros" were ever produced.

1 of 304 total units built in 1958, this car leapt off the designers pad and ran its way through the plant, and still has a timeless look and feel like none other. From its dual headlights upward curved bumper Dagmars, and massive egg crate grille in the center, and then add in some more bumper below complete with the running lights inserted, and we have shown up BIG TIME. The large wrap around down to the grille hood is perfectly badged with the V chevron and E L D O R A D O badge above in beautiful condition. As it makes its way back to the wrap around front glass it's painted in white like the rest of the car, there is a stainless polished vent to allow for airflow into the cabin. The front quarters have more vents inserted into their tops near the doors, and an added bonus on the sides are the beginnings of a trim spear. This spear makes its way back just above the front wheel wells, through the beltline of the doors, and on the rear quarter makes a downward forward facing C curve trimming the opening of a “vent” in the rear quarter just fore of the mid rear door which is hinged at the back of the door, sharing a common latch with the front doors on the B pillar. Peering rearward we see 2 large fins which are topped with more chrome trim and framing the taillights that curve outward creating a corner for themselves just above the rear bumper. Speaking of which, more big chrome for the split bumpers on the rear complete with solid Dagmars and u-shaped exhaust ports within each bumper. This chrome is equally as beautiful as the styling but presenting in a worn condition. On top is a brushed stainless steel roof. While we are handing out stainless give some more to the lower rear quarters, and rocker covers just for some giggles. 15 inch Sabre Spoke chrome Wwheels are wrapped by medium wide whites on all 4 corners. “I wanna be a part of it..if I can make it there, I'll make it, anywhere…

As we swing the common latched B pillar doors open black and white smooth leather with some extra padding vie for space with black taking up the top and bottom edge, and white claiming and filling the center. For your convenience within the driver door are all the window toggles, door lock actuator knob, and round button and indicator windowed round knobs to have infinite power control over seat position. Speaking of the seats, they are what we used to call couches, in black buttoned and tufted supple leather, and central pull-down armrest. Slight folds and a few areas of wear also show on these “couches” for the front and back passengers. For the front passenger we see a built in electric lighter and ash receptacle right into the armrest…now that's convenience. The dash with its black padded top that is worn and has some ungluing and folding, has plenty of chrome bezels for the litany of gauges you have to choose from to monitor right in front of the original steering wheel. The mid dash chrome around the instruments and across the mid dash is all excellent and shiny. Some paint wear is noted on the temp sliders, and on the painted white surrounds below the black padded top. The original radio is within this chromed strip in the mid-section, and a rolling cheese wheel clock is seen above the passenger glovebox. Just below the dash in the center is a Cadillac heater all chromed and in a slight V shape out of the way but effective. Carpet is deep black, and has rubber protective mats above, and the headliner in white is fairly clean with numerous panels and stitched ribs. A flip of the glovebox reveals a mirror, tissue dispenser, and cosmetic holder, however, the obligatory cosmetics are missing. “I've got you under my skin…”

Under the hood we could say all that glitters is gold with the gold painted air cleaner cover, and valve covers. These add bling to the original 365ci V8. On top are not one, not two…but 3, 2-barrel carburetors to feed this big mill. On the back is a 4-speed automatic Hydramatic transmission, which pushes power rearward to the 3.36 rear axle, all original drivetrain here kids! All looking sweet and well cared for and detailed. You make me feel so happy!….

Underneath this vehicle has its fair share of surface rust on the usual suspects but remains structurally sound. An X frame supports coated floorpans and smooth rockers. New dual exhaust mufflers are now on, as are independent coil springs for the front suspension and a 4 link with coil springs for the back (the factory air ride has been removed but the compressor is still under the hood). Power drum brakes are all around.

A quick starter and a wonderful cruiser for those who need to feel large and in charge, and then some. My decoding cohort tried to play a trick on me by holding the one rear door open when I went to put the Eldo in gear. He won't get a fast one by me today as this car was equipped with an early safety feature: with the rear doors open the car cannot be put into either drive or reverse. Good braking, and powerful acceleration from that trio of 2 barrels on top of the 365 cubes. I noticed the A/C was inoperable, and some of the window toggles proved pernicious to the operation of the side glass. My copilot and decoding mentor also noticed that the magnetic bottomed stainless shot glasses were missing, as was the cosmetics setup option included with all Eldo Bros. Heaven, I'm in Heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…

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Sub Model


Engine Size
365 V8
Fuel Specification
92/93 Octane
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic


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