1977 Triumph

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1977 Triumph Spitfire

The original Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft was powered by a huge supercharged Rolls-Royce V12 engine and was fitted with up to eight machine guns so that it truly did spit fire from engine exhausts and guns. The Triumph Spitfire sports car however had a diminutive four-cylinder engine, no machine guns. It was however much less expensive to buy, a lot cheaper to run, and it was enormous fun.

For consignment, taking on the definition of its namesake a fully customized 1977 Triumph Spitfire. Rebuilt from the ground up, it has many upgrades as to power and looks, a custom paint job, and a much snappier powerful engine and carb setup. Read on for all the details, and meanwhile bombs away! Rat tat tat tat tat!!

In the tradition of the British sports car the long hood cowl tilts forward to reveal the new work of mechanical art which resides under it, and it is a breeze to work on. Our consigner bathed it in a custom silver paint which is just near perfection on the application. Then a black stripe was added racing down the center. In front the headlight bezels are new and the front bumper rubber stops have been shortened, (thank goodness!). Moving back the gaps are all excellently minded, with a peppering of all new marker light lenses in the field of silver. Protecting the passengers under the new canvas black convertible top are dual U shaped roller bars made from 304 stainless steel, and this adds a great look. The sleek trunk deck has a black trimming on either top edge and rolls rearward to a rear deck with new tail lights. The bumper below is pristine and again the shortened rubber bumpers are adding to the look. Fully tuned Kosei 15-inch wheels now shine in the center of 45 series tires with dual valve stems. A beautiful presentation.

The customization and color match continues on the interior with black bolstered buckets and silver vinyl inserts. These chairs are equipped with 4-point racing belts. In front is a LeCarra steering wheel and now aftermarket horns are installed. The original wood dash is in with all the original gauges. I believe it is safe to say that this is the ONLY spitfire dash I've seen without a crack in the wood! An aftermarket sound system is in with 6x9 speakers throughout. Perfect black carpeting is flooding the floors and floating the buckets. In the trunk is a custom consigner fabricated fuel tank and more nice black carpet lining. A new tonneau cover is doing a great job of hiding the top in the down position, and a car cover will come with this beauty.

Less than 500 miles have been put on since the 1500cc engine was worked so says the consigner. By worked I mean this 1.5 liter 4 banger now sports a Kent street/strip cam, a .030 overbore, and high output Pertronix ignition and distributor. The head has been ported and polished, and on top is a Single Weber 32/36 DVG carb and intake. A 4-speed manual transmission is on back and the rear weighs in at 3.89. An aluminum radiator and all buttoned up under this hood which has stainless hinges now installed so you can keep the hood up for the oglers.

All clean, fully restored, no rust and solid as a rock. New overrated front springs work with new shocks to lower the stance and make handling better. Braided stainless brake hoses, slotted and drilled front disc brakes, new calipers, and new drum brakes for the rear. A new rear leaf monospacing also helps with the rail-like handling, and a beautiful like new Monza exhaust snakes its way to a 4 port rear exit.

Since I owned one of these in my teen years I had to drive it, and I must say it's the nicest Spitfire I've had the pleasure to drive. All working, no more Lucas prince of darkness electrics, and it runs like a TR-6. Handling is even better than the original and it goes like a British fighter plane.

If you are a British sports car aficionado, and from the SCCA days of yore with Group 44 and Bob Tullius, which had a spitfire in their arsenal, this is just a cracking build, all custom, all neatly presented, and all Triumph Sports car!! Pilot to co pilot…

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Engine Size
1.5L 4 Cylinder
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
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4 Speed Manual


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