1915 Ford

Model T Runabout $30,000



1915 Ford Model T Runabout

Dateline 1915: Alexander Graham Bell inaugurates the first transcontinental telephone service; The RMS Lusitania is torpedoed, 1198 souls perish; A category 4 hurricane hits Galveston, TX; Germany begins unrestricted submarine warfare; Pluto is photographed for the first time; US Marines occupy Haiti; and Henry Ford continues to produce up to 20,000 Model T's per month with the crowning achievement of the 1 millionth Model T being produced on October 12, 1915 at the River Rouge plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Prior to 1925 if you wanted a Ford Model T pickup truck you had to have one made or do it yourself as a factory pickup wasn't available. For consignment and gracing the West mallway of our Hallowed Halls, a Model T Runabout pickup fresh from 1915. With its handmade wooden bed, simple design, and fold down vinyl roofing we have a sure fire winner that will stand out at any car show. The beneficiary of an older restoration and always a crowd draw is awaiting you with all its charm and original Henry steel.

All standard issue Model T from the firewall forward with brass accenting on the radiator, lanterns and headlight rings. A simple doghouse style center hinged hood is flanked by basic flowing fenders over the front wheels and down to running boards with twin spare tires mounted on the left and the mandatory tool box mounted on the right side. A simple body tub is covered with a standard black vinyl top sans any rips or wear. This top can be easily folded by 2 people to enjoy the fresh air. On the back we see a custom constructed wood bed with a nicely applied coating of stain residing between the rear fenders. A wooden tailgate finished up the bed with black steel strapping and small taillights below. Deep end of the pool black paint, (all Model T's from 1914 to 1925 were available in black only), coats the original steel of this Runabout and is looking just dandy. The gaps are well minded and nary a hint of rust is seen. Cleanly finished 30-inch wood spoke wheels with like new Firestone tires adorn the 4 corners.

Swinging open the passenger's door and we are met with lightly textured basic vinyl door panels and a diamond pattern tuck and roll leather bench seat. A fat black steering wheel with timing and throttle controls sits atop a slightly angled column and in front is a full metal jacket black steel dash. No gauges to monitor on this dash, just a simple ignition box and a few brass handled buttons. A simple black vinyl Ford logo-ed floor mat covers the wooden floors and wraps up our interior tour.

Lifting either side of the center hinged hood allows us to view the 177ci 4-cylinder mill. Based on the serial number this engine was built in June of 1915 and very well may be the original engine. It is fed by a 1bbl carburetor on the side and attached to the back is a 2-speed planetary transmission. A 3.63 geared rear axle puts the power to the ground.

Solid black steel makes up the frame and body hangers with just a smattering of road dirt on the underside of the fenders and running boards. Wooden floors painted black are also on and are in good shape. Transverse leaf springs provide the suspension front and rear and rear mechanical drum brakes are on. A stock style single exhaust system handles the removal of spent fossils. All looking good and original down below.

Starting a Model T appears at first to be a daunting task but after becoming acclimated and properly trained it's easy-peasy. On our test track this car performed as expected from any car of the era. Performance, braking and handling were adequate but attention must be paid at all times. All in all, a nice little jaunt in a Runabout.

A well done Model T Runabout with a pickup truck bed conversion completed. All buttoned up and ready to show, drive in parades or even compete in a brass era tour if the mood struck you. A true piece of American automobile history all wrapped up in a simple package. Swing on by and prepare for your own Runabout tour.

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Model T
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Engine Size
177 CI
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
2 Speed Planetary


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