1946 Mercury

Eight $24,999



Here we have a 1946 Mercury Eight Sedan Coupe for sale. The post war Mercury featured some different options and styling with the most noticeable being the front grill. This '46 that we have for you is in phenomenal condition and would be a stunning addition to any classic car fans garage. The body on it is all in great condition and we can see that the panel have a seamless fit with all the gaps being even and symmetrical. It's covered in the Dark Slate Gray paint that has beautiful finish. We can see that it has been extremely well cared for as there are only minor imperfections. The front grill has a brilliant shine and looks amazing along with the rest of the trim and accents. Both the front and rear bumpers are very nice and have also been very well cared for. This Mercury is a stunning example of what taking care of a classic looks like. It has almost all the original glass in it still and all the seals are beautiful. To finish off the exterior it's sitting on the factory steel wheels with beauty rings, centers, and Firestone Wide White Tires.
Next, we will look at the interior of this '46. On the inside it's done in the factory style with the two-tone green and gray color scheme. We can see that the door panels are all in phenomenal condition and that all the handles look amazing as well. The side glass goes up and down with ease along with the vent windows opening great. It features the front and rear bench seats that both have great padding and springs. The covers look period correct and are in excellent condition as well. Looking at the dash we can see that it features the factory three on the tree shifter along with having the factory styled steering wheel. All the gauges are stunning in it along with all the trim having brilliant shine. This '46 came optioned with the heater and factory radio. The headliner and carpet in this Eight Coupe are both in excellent condition and show no signs of abuse. Inside the trunk is all solid and features the factory inserts and mat along with having the spare.
Finally, we will get to the driveline of this Mercury. Under the hood there's no denying this post war V8 looks like it would have when new. Both inner fenders along with the firewall are rock solid. We can even see the radiator hoses have the correct styled heat shields. The power comes from the L Head 239 V8 engine that's set up with the 2 Barrel Carb. It runs through the factory power train with the 3 Speed Manual Trans and stock style rear end. When you look under this '46 it's nothing short of impressive. It has all the original pans that are rock solid and feature the factory red oxide color. All the frame is solid as well with no signs of abuse. On the highway this '46 is a blast to drive and is sure to take you back in time from the moment you turn the key. Don't miss out on this stunning post war classic that will be a great addition to your collection.
If we can help you in any way with questions or a specific picture, you can call our office at (865)988-8088. Or feel free to call Devvin at (865) 256 2366, or you can e-mail us at Sales@SMTClassics.com

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Engine Size
239 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual


Body Color


Interior Color
Green and Gray

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