1929 Ford

Model A Roadster $29,000



1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Henry Ford was always convinced that people should satisfy themselves with nothing more than a good, simple and economical car. At the price of great efforts, his inner circle finally succeed in eroding his stubbornness, and in May 1927, after having produced more than 15,000,000 Model Ts since 1908, Ford closes his plants for many months in order to retool his assembly lines for the production of his next legend: the Model A. The latter will ultimately be produced in 5,000,000 copies between 1928 and 1931. This new miracle is equally attributable to Henry and his son Edsel. Henry will dedicate himself to the mechanical aspects and Edsel will bring a whole new look to the design of the Model A. The Model T was nicknamed “TIN LIZZIE” the Model A will be known as the “BABY LINCOLN.”

No new automobile has ever been so expected in History. The competition sharply felt the hurt of this waiting period, (as much as tens of thousands of Ford employees which were temporarily laid off), since many were putting off their purchase of a new car in order to see what Henry was going to pull out of his hat this time. He literally made a lady out of a lizzy, so we offer you for consignment a 1929 Ford Model A “Baby Lincoln” which is coming from long term ownership, was recently fully serviced and shows some nice patina and age.

Green paint with a few flaws in the form of chipping and fading bathes this all steel bodied example. This paint job accentuates the wonderful lines of this car which have been retained and a straw green pinstripe helps with this too. Black covers the running boards and fenders and remains shiny but does present with some chips, scuffs and a few dents. The chrome is fairly shiny, and covers the radiator surround, front “grille”, searchlights, and headlight casings. A flying goose radiator cap is atop the shiny surrounds and frames the cowled hood in green directly behind it. A small door on either side allows access to this 30's style 2 seat sports car, if you will, with etched glass wing windows now installed. Running boards are covered with rubber and a cast plate with a boot scraper is in the middle. The vinyl top in black is in good condition but does not have the rear window installed. A mother-in-law seat is on the curved rear which also sports a black steel luggage rack complete with the correct trunk and cover. Dual spare tires mounted on wire wheels tuck into the fenders and have a chromed surround and are painted black like the other 4 corner wire wheels with wide white side walls. Aaaahhhoooooga!

Swinging open the doors and we are met up front with an eye shaped dash in sprayed green metal. In the center is a ribbed cast metal plate that houses the original instruments. A big black unmarred bakelite steering wheel is fronting this original dash and sitting on the large bench inside is comfy. This is covered with black vinyl in a textured pattern to emulate leather. The doors are adorned with this as well and are nicely preserved along with their arm protectors. Side curtains are also included in case you encounter an errant storm on your drive. The rumble seat, covered in saddle vinyl, is accessible with a turn and pull of the winged chromed lever. Black rubber flooring is installed in the main cabin and the rumble seat. Hey Haw!

Lifting the vented cowled hood and we see a 201ci 4-cylinder engine. It has been sprayed in a combination of grayish green and black and shows with some chipping of the paint and light surface rust. A 1-barrel carburetor to feed it fuel and air and now has an aftermarket air cleaner assembly mounted to it. On the back is a 3-speed manual transmission with a 3.78 rear axle at the tail end. Overall condition is good for this power plant so see drivability to find out how it runs…I'm keeping you in suspense!

Structural integrity, and a good frame reside in previously restored form underneath. Floor pans, rockers, and running board supports are sturdy with minor surface rust and black paint. All is looking good including the transverse leaf springs on all 4 corners and the mechanical drums, which do stop but you'll need to plan ahead!

Thanks for waiting! This car fired right up and ran fairly quietly. It goes along fine, and all functions were working at the time of my test ride.

An older restoration, this really nice example can be driven off of our showroom floor, used for tours, taken to shows, or even be taken to the next level to take home all the trophies. A very nice driver in good condition, it's a wonderful example of throwing yourself back in time and imagining something other than a world in black and white. All maintaining the ability to go for a drive, in living color.

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Model A
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Engine Size
201 CI 4 Cylinder
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual


Body Color
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