1929 Cadillac

341B Town Sedan $51,900



This car has gone through a meticulous restoration in the past and has come to total completion. From the bodywork and paint to the wonderful mohair interior, no stone has been left unturned. The 341B was essentially a carryover of the 1928 341A model except for all brightwork was now chromed, the signal lights were moved to the fenders, electric wipers were now the norm, Security-Plate safety glass was now used for all windows, including the windshield, and a synchro-mesh transmission was introduced. No more pesky double clutching for my chauffeur as he drives me to see the initial screening of "They Had To See Paris" in my top hat and tails.

All steel body panels are painted in a medium blue, very similar to the Army hue of the day. The artillery style 20-inch wooden spoke wheels are also in this color, as are all window surrounds, hood, louvered cowl panels, and lower rear of the car. Black curved fenders, and a black roof and passenger compartment surround add a wonderful and tasteful contrast to this car. From the woven mesh pattern of the radiator grille, to the door handles, mirrors, headlights and front bumper, the chrome is brilliant, and near perfect. Even the Cadillac goddess on the radiator cap is soaring along in excellent condition. The split chrome rear bumper flanks a large tan canvas covered trunk which is strapped to the rear of the car and sits on a folding luggage rack. Noted are 2 matching spare tires neatly tucked behind the steamer trunk and are also covered in tan canvas. Flanking the covered spare tires and attached to the rear fenders are taillights that rest atop of black stalks and look more like diver's helmets of the era rather than tail lamps. Long running boards connect the beautifully penned swooping fenders and are topped with black rubber for slip free entrance and exit. 2 storage compartments per side are on either side of the lower body. An all around 1st class presentation of the high life in 1929.

Luxurious brown mohair fabric covers the door panels, which have chrome window cranks and door lever actuators and are topped above by a gray and blue Sheridan cloth. A large brown mohair buttoned and tuck and roll front bench seat has enough padding one may want to consider it as a Turkish Chair. The rear seat, not to be outdone by the front seat, has the identical tuck and roll overstuffed look, but has added arm rests. We note vases on either side of the rear bench which now hold a purple and white floral arrangement. There are copious amounts or rear leg room and this area is covered with pristine brown carpet. All doors have wood surrounds at the windows, and windows are all operational. In the rear bench area, the windows have the wood surrounds, but also have the luxury of an added pull-down roll shade. A near perfect black steel dash front is littered with chrome bezel round gauges and silver pulls and dials. The dash is fronted by an original steering wheel in nice condition. Brown carpet also floods the floors of the front passenger area and looks barely used. A tight brown mohair headliner hangs tightly above.

Opening the cowled hood, we are greeted by a nearly showroom condition flathead 8 cylinder in V format consisting of a 341ci engine with a 2-barrel carburetor and a 3-speed manual transmission. It is a stunning mixture of green and black enamel for the engine block coverings and bolt ons that invites you to just stare inside the cowling. A 5.03 geared rear axle moves this 5,028lb art deco luxury car down the road smoothly. And never forget the advertising of the day...."A Superiority Too Marked To Be Escaped".

While unable to fit on our lift, some inchworm work shows an A-1 job on the undercarriage, with only minor surface rust on a few untreated areas or the flooring and running board brackets, and nice wood that the interior of the car sits on. 4-wheel mechanical drum brakes, new for 1929 are on and 4-wheel leaf spring suspension with double acting Delco shock absorbers can be seen underneath.

This car drives like a dream, with a smooth ride, quick starting, and has the capabilities to keep up with modern day traffic. The seats are like soft pillows, and the overall interior is much like it is furnished. Whether you are personally driving or being chauffeured, imagine the look when you pull up to the red carpet gala for the newest talkie. A 5 star ride for my cohort and myself, especially with an engine that is almost inaudible when running.

A splendid older restoration still holding up well on this end of the Roaring 20's design from Cadillac. A plush luxurious mohair interior, a rust-free body with nice paint, and a smooth quiet drivetrain all work together to give you a taste of the high life from an era long past. Don your tuxedo with tails, top hat, cane and chained pocket watch and visit our Hallowed Halls...all you'll need for the next cinema premier is your chauffeur and a starlet on your arm...

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Sub Model
Town Sedan


Engine Size
341ci V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual


Body Color
Body Style


Interior Color
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Seat Material
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