1929 Ford

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1929 Ford Model A Sedan

When viewing a 1929 Model A you will notice on the hardtops, there is a cloth/canvas covering the top. There is much speculation as to why this is and there are basically 3 reasons for this. Number 1 is Henry Ford was cheap! Number 2 is steel was in demand and was used for wartime efforts, and 3 is the technology for welding such a large piece of steel did not exist, and even if it was put on, the road conditions of the time would have certainly quickly bent such a large panel.

For consignment a wolf in sheep's clothing, in the form of a wild mannered looking Ford Model A sedan. An initial glance at this car and the first thing you will notice is its stance, high in the back and low in the front. Some chopping (3 inches) and shaving, (door handles, and bumpers), has gone on and now presents as a hot rod with iconic late 20's styling still intact. Grab your floppy hat, throw a toothpick in your mouth and let's go make some dust.

***Please note, this vehicle is titled as a "Special Construction", the Pennsylvania Department Of Motor Vehicles does not assign a model year to special construction motor vehicles, trailers, etc. Please research with your local, county, state or provincial motor vehicle bureau to ensure that registering and titling of this vehicle is accepted in your area***

This mostly original looking Model A is pretty much how it appeared when it rolled off the assembly line in 1929. Fiberglass and steel panels draped in black with a few inclusions, imperfections and touch ups retain all the wonderful curves of the Art Deco era. Flourish pinstriping in teal and plum draw your attention to the painstaking detail put into this build. Side covers hiding the engine, door handles and bumpers shaved, and the stance is awesome. Panels are straight and mind their gaps. A pristine front chromed radiator cover is flanked by equally nice chromed headlights. Polished 15-inch American Racing Hopster wheels are all around and wrapped with Hankook blackwall radial rubber, and we are ready to go!

Charcoal black tweed panels cover the doors, and these have a swoosh of gray running through the middle, chrome is on for the power window switches and a simple black vinyl arm rest . Dual black and gray tweed front buckets make up the seating and show with contoured bolsters and cushions. A sea of black carpeting floods the floors and covers the boxed off rear area with integrated speakers. This area could be used for seating in a pinch but is nowhere near as comfortable as the front buckets. Up front, simple black steel with more flourish pinstriping makes up the dash. In the center between the pinstriping work resides an outward reaching layout of AutoMeter gauges with gold bezels and antique white faces. Also noted for the driver's convenience is a tilt steering wheel column topped by a wood rimmed steering wheel. Fuzzy black broadcloth for the headliner dash top, and windlace areas...it's just all over on this car!

A lift of the passenger side hinged hood, reveals a Ford 302ci V8. This blue painted mill has 4bbl carburetor on top and for the dress up we see chrome valve covers and an Edelbrock rounded triangle air cleaner assembly. A rebuilt in 2018 C4 3-speed automatic transmission is bolted on and sends power to a Ford 8" rear axle assembly.

A boxed frame seen in black supports strong steel flooring and a transverse leaf spring suspension in front and a ladder bar setup with coilovers on back can be noted. Disc brakes are up front, and drums on the rear and dual exhaust with newer mufflers and tailpipes is seen. All nicely taken care of and definitely totally rust free and structurally sound.

This car cranked alive quickly and took off with much the same vigor. It ran smoothly and cornered great. There is plenty of interior room, and due to added speakers on the boxed cover in the rear kept us rocking during our drive. All functions were operational at the time of our drive and the power windows are a much appreciated convenience.

So how great would it be to pull up on a more modern-day car, and get the old HEY GRANDPA! wave, and you proceed to smoke the instigator, as they would remain totally unknowing of what's in store for them. A nice build accented with chrome and red, and a Ford V8 under the cowl, along with some chopping and shaving…yeeee hah!

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Model A
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Engine Size
302 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
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3 Speed Automatic


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