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2002 TII $59,995



This 1974 BMW 2002 Tii has been restored to give you the iconic style and upgrades in the best subtle ways - including a Bluetooth radio and an upgraded five-speed to take full advantage of the fuel-injected motor. So the sharp-handling classic you love still has that awesome vintage design, and now it delivers even more of the dynamics that make this The Ultimate Driving Machine.

The Tii was the hot one in BMW's lineup, and so we always remember it in a color like this bold Inka Orange. It looks particularly vibrant on this one because it was given the kind of comprehensive restoration that you can tell was done by a true enthusiast. And getting a 2002 right is a bit more complicated than you might think. The clean black grille is a symbol of the sportier Ti-series, and it looks terrific against the orange paint. The subtle crease in the hood looks crisp. The chrome bumpers hug the body nicely. The body lines hold the tight level of German craftsmanship, and the proof is in the way the shiny trim encircles the waistline in an almost unbroken line. So, it takes a lot more thought and care than the average car to get this minimalist style right, which was the entire theme of the 2002 model. BMWs are all about the drive, and so this one has had some road time put on it since its restoration. The result is quite a stunning car that looks terrific in your garage, and one that you also won't hesitate to take out on the road. So it makes for an ideal classic.

The interior has a dark and clean look almost like they turned back the clock to 1974. This even has the little things that make a classic particularly inviting, like the working dome light and a nice wood shifter. Plus, the upgrades you really want are nicely integrated. For example, an R134a air conditioning system has been added and you have a classic German-style Blaupunkt radio for a display, but your real music comes from a Kenwood Bluetooth system with amplified speakers. The contour of the bucket seat, the grip of the classic steering wheel, and the crisp look of the VDO gauges are all part of the way a true BMW engages the driver. We even love how the speedometer is in kilometers for a full European experience.

The engine bay shows off an ultra-tidy presentation while the clean undercarriage shows the thoroughness off the restoration. One of the reasons this is all worth showcasing is because the Tii had the motor that really earned The Ultimate Driving Machine reputation. The 2.0-liter was the hotter higher compression version and it got fuel injection right from the factory. It's the one everyone wanted, but few could afford the high luxury car price. And you get to take better advantage of the desirable powerhouse with the upgrade to a five-speed manual transmission. Because this was the sportiest version, BMW even upgraded the fully independent suspension and added a nice set of front disc brakes. And the way this one sharply handles today is a telltale sign they paid attention to the Tii's spirit during the restoration.

The sale comes complete with some useful spare components, including the classic fog lights. This is a Tii that loves to boldly get you down the road with a huge grin on your face. Call today!!!

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