1949 International

KB2 Pickup $35,000



1949 International KB2 Pickup

Famous more for its farm equipment than its consumer pickup truck line, the post war Diamonds, as they became known, were always behind when it came to design, and offerings through a dealer network. Not to say they were without the quality, but because of their focus on the farm equipment market, which they did well at, the consumer line took a back seat. As a result, there are many fewer leftovers currently in the classic market, than there are from the big 3. Can you say sleeper?

This truck for consignment is a great example of International Harvester's venture into the world of the big 3 automakers with a light duty pickup. A KB2 version, now sprayed with red, retains much of its original charm and body, dash and steering wheel. Harken back to a simpler time but only in the use of technology, as the design is still amazingly beautiful.

Nary even a hint of rust, the beautifully straightened exterior steel panels are minding their gaps nicely and bathed in red. A V styled tall grille with horizontal ribs and a chromed highlighter grilles outboard leads the way. This is flanked by chrome ringed headlights integrated into the bulbous pontoon style fender. Below a simple curved bumper protects the curvaceous fenders and small square turn signals flank the grille nicely. The V shaped hood rises from the front and is complete with an International badge on either side. A rounded cab roof sports black painted trimmed windows and a rear window all rounded off. The black also highlights the black round mirrors and stalks hanging off of the doors. Under the door is a short running board to be used as a step up to gain access to the cab. More pontoon fenders grace the sides of the all steel bed with its 45 degree and rounded off bed side tops. Utilitarian blackwall tires, red wheels, and shiny moon caps and trim rings are all around. A peek at the bed area and we note all straight and dent free steel, although there is some blistering to the paint finish on the bed floor.

Swinging open the dipole designed doors, we can see a large bench seat in black vinyl stretching between those simple red steel finished doors. The curvaceous original red steel dash is upfront and has been beautifully restored along with its original but restored gauges, a few simple pull levers, a heater control, and a glovebox for the passenger. Rubber floors keep things bulletproof on the foot area, and it appears strikingly clean overall inside. I'd have to admit, the red painted steel that takes over this cab is done nearly as nice as the exterior finish.

Under the hood, in a restored and clean engine bay, we note an inline 6-cylinder Green Diamond 214ci mill. This is topped with a 1-barrel carburetor with an oil bath air cleaner. On back is the original 3-speed manual transmission, actuated by a lever on the tree. The reliable power is put to the ground via a 4.88 Positraction rear axle.

Underneath we see a pressed steel channel frame finished in black and remaining rust free. This black is offset by the field of red that coats the bed and cab floors as well as the inner rockers. All is rust free and looking better than new with only minor dust and road dirt. Leaf springs all over for the suspension, and hydraulic drum brakes are seen on all corners. Like new stock style single exhaust is on and I can't get enough of the contrasting green painted transmission and engine.

A quick starter, smooth idle, and off to the test track where it did very nicely. Good smooth acceleration up through the 3 gears and I was rollin'. Easy steering although its non power assisted, and braking was good and bias free. All functions, what little amenities this truck has, were all working well at the time of my drive.

Another nice older pickup, straight lines and nice paint. Ready to put “your name here” and get people to pick up the phone for your business, all in the style of the late 1940's, and simple but effective workhorse in front of you.

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Sub Model


Engine Size
214ci Flat 6
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Body Style
Pickup Truck


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
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