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Pontiac Hood Ornaments

Several decades ago, car hood ornaments were more than just emblems identifying car manufacturers—they were adornments that made bold statements. History reveals that many hood ornaments were themed to reflect the most powerful (or modern) technology of the times—locomotives in the 1930s; airplanes, torpedoes & gunsights in the 1940s; and jet aircraft and rockets in the 1950s. These technology imageries coupled with several other stylized shapes and themes inspired a wide array of hood sculptures that still fascinate classic and vintage car aficionados today. When the next county fair or antique car show rolls around in your area, take the time to visit. You'll be amazed at the display of immaculately kept (or restored) classic American automobiles sporting their original grills, trim and yep, you guessed it—beautiful hood ornaments.

Historic photos of the automobile were legion in the press and key among them were images of the dramatic. It is not surprising that the Pontiac mascot was featured so prominently in the news since Pontiac's ornaments are among the most striking from the flamboyant era of the American automobile. In 1926, General Motors introduced a modestly-priced car line produced in Pontiac, Michigan (so named after a famous Ottawa chief). So, it's no surprise that throughout the 1930s, '40s and '50s, car hoods would be adorned with sleek variations of a "chief" with head-dress motif. Another identifying ornamental feature of Pontiacs were their "Silver Streaks"—one or more narrow strips of stainless steel which extended from the grille down the center of the hood.

The flying mascot's sleek body trailing behind the bold, simplified features of Chief Pontiac is replete with glistening surface and tapering forms. Its swept wings were modeled after the jet aircraft of the period and in that regard symbolized the military might embodied in the Cold War fighters and bomber planes. In the words of one designer, “We liked jet airplanes, we liked flashiness, we liked power.”

Our collector of Pontiac Memorabilia grew up and lived in Detroit and had a company which produced fabric and paint swatch marketing materials for various companies. He has restored and owned just a FEW cars (Pontiacs of course) along the way but became attracted at an early age to the Chief Mascot, hence this collection exists today.

This collection is not all inclusive but geared to those items to which the consigner was attracted. There are a total of 21 ornaments/mascots spanning from 1926 to the mid 1950's. These ornaments were then mounted in a hand-crafted base made of Sapele and Cherry wood. Highlights of this collection include but are not limited to, a 1930 Indian head radiator cap, which was the only emblem to sport a headband (RARE). Pontiac's first patented Indian Head radiator cap from 1926-27 model year and is included in this collection. Designs of the years are very evident in this mascot span of time collection. For instance, in the 1940's the streamliner design was in favor and Pontiac seized on this trend with an aero clear plastic Indian Head that illuminated. As time changed so did styles up until the last year which was 1954-55 when the last of the heads were adorning cars. By this time the faces had become more geometric and stylized utilizing several angled cuts to form the shape of the heads and faces. It does still resemble the original Indian face and head.

A chance to see some history of design and have many conversation pieces. Years of diligent searching and collecting have a collection which is unmatched that now could be yours. Then you can continue the collecting and possibly can find the Indian Maiden mascot from 1934-35! Keep the spirit alive from this once ubiquitous company now no longer even a brand.

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